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Club Vice President

WOW! One minute you are just a lowly member helping out on the web, next you are a club V.P. Stranger things have happened I guess. My name is Dave Dixey and I have a beautiful wife Cynthia.Cynthia is my smart friend as she is a Clinal Labratory SCIENTIST. Or as I call her my Mad Little Scientist!

I grew up with cars cutting my teeth on MOPARS. My cousin had a Barracuda, and I can remember ICE COLD mornings changing dead 904 transmissions to 727's. I fought becoming a Pontiac guy, but now it is exclusively Ponchos. My current "under-restored" car is the Tempest. I pride myself that I have done ALL of the work. My brother has helped a lot, but the only thing that I have paid for is the alignment and tire balancing as I do not have those machines.

I like to cruise in the car and see other Ponchos and mods. I have been known to drive with the hood off and a few times a year I will go to a show or a cruise every night of the week.

I WILL see you at a meeting and I WILL see pictures of your car on the web!!!



Dave Dixey

1967 Tempest Custom



Club Vice President

Hi my name is Rocco, and I’m the second Rocco to be in the Garden State GTO, club. Go figure, not a common name. Growing up in Brooklyn New York in the 60‘s my love for Pontiac’s and muscle cars came at a very young age of 13. My dad had bought a new 68 Lemans HO, after ordering a new red 68 GTO. (Long story) My grandmother lived three blocks from Nunzi’s Automotive. Nunzi was the most famous Pontiac shop on the East coast at the time. Dad would take his Lemans to Nunzi shop from time to time to get work done. I would stay at the shop and I would watch while my
Dad when to my Grandma’s. I would learn a few things hanging out at Nunzi’s along the way. After awhile, when I was going to Automotive school I would help Nunzi out in the shop. I would start to hang out after the
shop was closed, and I made a lot of friends alone the way. We would all street race at night, and go back to Nunzi’s to tweak the cars the next day. My first car was a 65 GTO that I still own today. I turned that car into a race
car and raced it out of Nunzi's shop, then I bought a 65 Catalina 2+2 that I wished I would still would own today. I fell in love with my wife Carol, got married and sold the 2+2 because she didn't know how to drive a stick shift
car. I blew the rear out of the 65 GTO and put that in my fathers garage were it sat for over 25 years. After school I worked for a Ford dealer for a year and then when on to work for Con Edison as a lead mechanic for 33
years. I didn't own another, muscle car, until I moved upstate NY. Now I have too many to list. My son Chris is growing up just like me and wants to pursue a career in the Automotive field. I’m always willing to help out any
members or Pontiac friends See you at the next meeting or show.


Rocco Testa

1964 Pontiac GTO




Club  Treasurer

My name is Harold Murray. Most of you know me as being your club president for the past six years. That’s right, I’m the guy who wrote all of those wacky President’s letters consisting of somewhat dysfunctional content causing some to reconsider their rabid contempt for that utterly annoying next door neighbor. You know the guy who looks at your GTO and asks "how come it’s so loud and why don’t you buy a new car"? The guy that power washes his house at 6:00AM Sunday. The guy whose kid roller blades in your driveway while your GTO is parked outside. The guy who asks to borrow your tools and never brings them back. How could one find solace in proximity to such a person? Think about it, someone has to live next door to me. There, now don’t you feel better? I thought so. But enough about that guy and more about me (has anyone ever actually wrote that before?) Mike wanted me to write a "blurb" about myself so consider this a run-on blurb -a new form of grammatical error. I have been involved with this club for many years, serving as Secretary, Vice President, President and now Treasurer. I presently own four classic cars consisting of a 1965 GTO convertible, a 1968 GTO hardtop, a 1966 Lemans four door hardtop (see- they did make them) plus a 1967 little fiberglass thing that starts with a "C" which cannot be left with the keys in it around Rocco Scotellaro. I work on these cars for club members and others on a regular basis and it is indispensable to have the knowledge and help provided by club members. It is perhaps the best bargain you’ll ever get for $22.00. So come out to our meetings and help support our new regime of officers – you’ll have fun plus you might just learn something!

1965 GTO

Red  Tri-Powered convertible


Club  Secretary

Hello all. My name is Greg McNamara and I’m our club’s new Secretary. I’m married to Irene, and have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Laurie. I am a mechanical engineer, hold a New Jersey Professional Engineer license, and am employed as a Technical Manager for L-3 Space & Navigation Corporation. I’ve been a member of the Garden State GTO’s since late 2005 (when Rocco indicated that Olga Constandelis Teddy’s wife, wanted more company at the club's Holiday Party and suggested my wife). My interest in cars started at a young age when I started building Revell models of GTOs and Corvettes. I bought my first car when I was sixteen—a 1969 GTO. I presently own a 1973 big block Corvette (keep your comments to yourself), and another 1969 GTO that I’m in the process of restoring—affectionately known as "Box-O-Car" for reasons I won’t go into here. We have a great club with terrific members. I look forward to taking on my new role as a club officer and having the opportunity to contribute to the day-to-day operations of our organization.

1969 GTO  convertible

( Some-Assembly-Required )


Board Members

Mike Spizziri
Wife Stacy Married 2/15/1997

Membership #3 -1st Secretary 1995-?? - 1st Editor (1995-present) - Tech advisor (1995-2006) - Concourse Head Judge (2000-2008)

Car #1: 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible 400 TH400. Purchased October 1989 completed frame off restoration 1995 - Claim to fame 52 Pontiac factory & dealer options, won multiple GOLD awards in concourse restored - JUDGED with the GTOAA & POCI clubs. Featured pictures in Tom Demauro's Collector's Originality Guide Pontiac GTO 1964-1974 and Hemmings Muscle Machines March 2009 issue

Car #2: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix 400 4spd. Purchased June 2003 completed frame off restoration June 2009. Claim to fame Driving to Dayton Ohio in 2009 for the GTOAA/POCI Co-vention and winning GOLD in concourse restored - JUDGED. Featured in Hemmings Muscle Machines June 2010 issue.

Nickname Junkyard dog
Hobbies: scouring junkyards as far West as Arizona, far north as upper NY state, and as far south as Georgia.
Full time job: Performance Years in Hatfield, Pa as Technical manager & Wholesale Manager.


Rocco Scotellaro

My name is Rocco Scotellaro and I am a current Board Member of Garden State GTO’s. I’m one of the founding members of the club. I had the pleasure of serving as the clubs first Treasurer, with a lot of help from my wife, Connie. She also served as Treasurer for 4 years. I’m also one of the clubs Technical Advisors.
My memories of cars started in the early 60’s going for rides in the family ’56 Olds Super 88. Then my cousin Jimmy, after returning from Viet Nam, bought a new ’68 Olds 442. A few years later, when I was 16, another cousin let me drive his ’67 Chevelle SS and I was hooked.
I’ve owned some very cool cars over the years including a ’67 Mustang conv, ’68 Camaro 327/4 sp, ’57 Belair 2 dr. post w/ LTI, ’64 Corvette Roadster w/ 396, ’65 Impala and ’70 Chevelle.
I currently own a 1970 GTO convertible which I bought from the original owner in 1984. It was restored over a 15 year period when I had more time than money. My other car is a ’78 Trans Am that is currently under restoration.
I maintain a large library of Pontiac Factory Service Manuals and original Pontiac Dealership Parts Books. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or need technical assistance with your classic Pontiac.

1970 GTO