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Lead East 2012

Lead East 2011

Garden State GTO handles security in Lot B at Lead East 2011 For the 8th consecutive year!

John & Lea DeWitte, Chris & Laurie Hanke, Mike Williams, Ed & Steven Saunders, John O Connor, Ted Constandelis, Troy Gratt and Charlie Miller volunteered to secure Lot B at Lead East 2011. When we took over the B lot uit was out of control and had many problems throughout the years. I am happy to say that we did not even have one incident this year. All of us met as members of the Garden State GTO Club many years ago and have become very good friends who enjoy working together. We along with many of the club members have worked at GTOAA Regional events as well as Lead East. I wood urge the new members of our club to get to know each other and work on activities and go to cruises as we have done and you will make some of the best friendships in your life.


Charlie Miller


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