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Check Out What Our Club Members  Can Do For You......                

ïOakland Muscle Shop - Do you need work done on your classic Pontiac? Call Harold at 201-405-1158 and leave message. Located in Oakland NJ, this full service shop can do it all! Electrical system specialist. Engine snd suspension work, welding and custom stealth audio systems installed. Secure, private facility - reasonable rates. Click on pictures below to see some of our work. Email: murelec@optonline.net  Call or Email now!

sm1    sm2    sm3

ï Super Duty Restoration. Complete restorations, high performance engine building, pot metal console restorations. Steering wheels. Specializing in Pontiacs!!! www.superdutyrestoration.com Located in Orange COunty, NY (845) 986-4399 email 455gto@warwick.net

ï     Club member looking to do small machine shop work.  Fully equipped shop.  Turning,  milling, drilling, threading and welding.  Broken studs removed from heads and exhaust manifolds.  Prototype work.  No block boring or valve jobs.  Call Rocco at (201) 225-1376.

ï    LEN-MOR Agency, Inc. My Agency can write your collector car insurance needs through either St. Pauls Fire & Marine or American Bankers. For a free quote, please call me at (201) 423-4542. LEN-MOR Agency, Inc. Auto, Life, home health, fire, liability. Robert Moore-Pres. 679 Lafayette Ave. Hawthorne, NJ 07506. We supply  ALL  your other insurance needs.

ï     All County Leather & Suede Refinisher over 20 yrs experience. 275 Delawanna Ave Clifton NJ 201-473-1533 Ed Saunders GSGTO#55 Have your leather or suede garments cleaned at “cost”. Call Me..(973) 696-6522.

ï     Custom Rebuilt carbs. Phillip Cancilla Middlesex, NJ (732)356-4333

ï     Fire Extinguishers Halotron 2 1/2 pound fire extinguishers for sale by member Mike Gorski, { work cell # 973-590-7411 between 8am and 4pm M-F}. This type of extinguisher will protect your car in case of fire without the clean-up required when you use a ABC rated fire extinguisher. ABC or BC type are a dry powder which is hard to clean up and will get into every nook and cranny in you car. It is also a corrosive which will damage electronics and metal over time {the areas you could not reach to clean}. Halotron is the replacement agent for Halon 1211 and works the same but is better for the environment. Halotron is a liquid that turns into a gas once you aim and press the handle. It depletes the oxygen in the area of the flame and extinguishes the flame without any residue or damage to other components. Special car owner prices are as follows, 2.5lb Halotron in RED with red mounting strap $100.00, 2.5lb Halotron in CHROME with Black mounting strap $125.00. These prices include tax for car members. Regular price at my company store is $110.00 red and $135.00 chrome plus tax. These prices are less than any supplier you will find and come with a 6 year warranty against leaking or loosing pressure. These extinguishers can be refilled with Halotron agent at our shop at a low cost, {around $21.00 a pound}. ABC and BC extinguishers you buy at the local outlet stores are one time deals, use it and throw it out. Our AMEREX BRAND are metal handle construction which makes them rechargeable. The company I work for can also service and tag extinguishers at you place of business at a GREAT PRICE. This would be your yearly extinguisher service as require by NFPA 10 Code, call me for details and price.

ï Gessler Head Porting specializes in 'Stock Appearing' ported and polished cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds.  Porting allows increased Horsepower without adversely affecting streetablity.  We can also completely and correctly rebuild your heads to stock Specifications, fully assembled and ready to install.  All work is done in-house. Superflow Flow bench service is also available.  We look forward to helping you to the finish line first!   Greg Gessler (GSGTO#126) (908) 362-7692

ïGessler Head Porting 25 Four Corners Road Blairstown, NJ 07825 (908) 362-7692 www.Gesslerheadporting.com Specializing in Stock Appearing Heads, Intakes and Exhaust Manifolds. Check our website for Buick Parts! Check website for Quadra-Jet Parts! www.QuadrajetParts.com