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Rocco Testa's Pontiac Collection


Here are some more of the Pontiac car's I own. These cars are not on the web site. 1980 Turbo Trans Am pace car, 1965 GTO I own this car since I was 16 years old. This car is in storage and wanting for a complete back to original condition restoration. but everyone car but mine get worked on first. I use to race this GTO out of Nuniz's shop in the 70,s First picture is when it was on the steet and the second one is when it was turned into a race car. I ripped the rear shock towers out of the car when racing it and then its sat in my father garage for about 25 years. It's now its in storage up in Goshen NY. The car is a factory 389 4 speed tri power car that had a 421 installed by the local dealer after my friend blew up the original 389 under warranty. I don't have the documents to prove the dealer installed the 421 but I was there and saw it for myself. My best friend got the hots to buy a 71 427 Nova, and I bought this car from him and have had it ever since. . It has a lot of factory options on the car. The original color is Reef turquoise with a black vinyl top 4 speed console, lamp group,, reverb radio, rear speaker, door edge guards, 390 posi rear, 389 Tri power, HD suspension, wire wheel caps, remote mirror. My father and I painted this car our self's. The next car is a 1981 Recaro Turbo pace car. that me and my son bought Chris used most of his own money to buy this car He is 15 years old. It had a small block Chevy in it when we bought it but the owner had the original 301 for the car. Block has a crack but it will be fixed and kepted on the side. We are using a replacement block for the build. Chris and I are building this car together to be like a SEMA show car. When it's complete it will look like a 81 pace car but will be very different than the original car. It will have a stoked 301 turbo motor that looks stock. See pictures, of the Pontiac 301 fit with a 400 crank in it, It will also be a 4 speed car and not a auto transmission. The car will sport four Recaro bucket seats instead of the two fronts and will be redone in Red and black Swede leather instead of the original red & black cloth interior. The outside of the car will be painted in pearl white tri color and black sparkle paint with hand painted stripping in stead of just white and black signal stage paint with the tape strips. The suspenion will be an air adjustable ride system with 17 inch custom wheels. After this one I hope I can get my 65 GTO in the shop for it's resto. Can you also put my shop on the web page, it's in the news letter but not listed on our web page.