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Greg McNamara's

1969 Pontiac GTO

(Some bodywork needed... Should buff out)

Hello all. My name is Greg McNamara and I’m our club’s Secretary. I’m married to Irene, and have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Laurie. I am a mechanical engineer, hold a New Jersey Professional Engineer license, and am employed as a Technical Manager for L-3 Space & Navigation Corporation. I’ve been a member of the Garden State GTO’s since late 2005 (when Rocco indicated that Olga Constandelis Teddy’s wife, wanted more company at the club's Holiday Party and suggested my wife). My interest in cars started at a young age when I started building Revell models of GTOs and Corvettes. I bought my first car when I was sixteen—a 1969 GTO. I presently own a 1973 big block Corvette (keep your comments to yourself), and another 1969 GTO that I’m in the process of restoring—affectionately known as "Box-O-Car" for reasons I won’t go into here. We have a great club with terrific members. I look forward to taking on my new role as a club officer and having the opportunity to contribute to the day-to-day operations of our organization.